The weekly test on Daf Yomi



A test on the daf is a good yardstick to measure whether you learned it properly, and you will be able to look back at the hours you spent learning daf yomi and be proud of what you accomplished. And knowing that you have that test waiting for you at the end of the week will ensure that you learn it well.


Don’t worry, the daf yomi tests are not hard. You’ll be able to get a good mark on them. The questions usually avoid small details or complicated discussions.

Key concepts

The questions on the daf test emphasize the key concepts and central themes discussed in the gemara. This allows one to concentrate on the parts of the gemara that we need to remember the most.


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How it works

How the daf yomi test will help you advance to the next level
Challenge yourself by taking tests on the daf.'s daf yomi tests are weekly tests. Each Sunday's test covers the material learned in daf yomi from the previous week, Sunday through Shabbos. Each test consists of ten questions. The questions are relatively easy, but they require a comprehensive understanding of the material.

The tests are currently available in pdf format only. Send your answers in by e-mail to have them graded.

When you finish taking the test, your questions are hand-marked, and your will receive your grade by e-mail.

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